When you finish your academic paper, you need a list of sources that you used or referred to have. Many of us feel bibliography writing very boring and useless, but it is extremely necessary and important part of your academic paper writing. Bibliography is the list of all used, quoted and referenced sources and materials of your academic paper (thesis, dissertation, essay, coursework and assignment). One must consider that this is an integral part of the study he or she cannot be accused of plagiarism. It is evidence of your research and extensive study and if you do not report information of your academic paper. It means that you that plagiarism is a serious academic crime with serious consequences occurred.

Even an original and new study cannot tolerate the establishment of the ideas of others; a researcher comes up with an innovative work with the help of other people the idea, but the emphasis on cooperation with other themes and theories instead of repeating their words.

The ideas and people that you refer in your scientific paper you have to explicitly create a system to refer. As a rule of academic writing, students need to admit the truth when they use other people's ideas, views, data, information, written materials, audiovisual resources, etc. When you use a direct quotation or copied section, follow cite the source and no bibliography truth secret. It intends to tell reader about accuracy, value and relevancy of the sources that are cited.

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